How To Make Order

How to Order
Step 1: Shop
Find your favorite item(s). Read, understand and agree to the Terms & Conditions
Please note that, all prices stated are excluding postage unless stated otherwise. 
We will notify you on the total of postage once order has been confirmed.

Step 3: Wait for our reply
Do allow us to reply and get back to you within 24-48 hours as we have daytime job. Lunavocy is part of our hobby and we are happy doing it during our free time ;)

You will receive a confirmation from us on our stocks. Once your order has been confirmed, we will give you total amount that you have to pay together with our bank information.

Step 4: Bank in payment 
We will provide you our CIMB bank account no. Thereafter, please provide us the payment slip after successful transaction. It is advisable to include our email when transferring your payment through online.
** Items will NOT be shipped out if you do not email us the payment details**

Step 5: Wait for your Product 
Please allow 1 day for us to process your order after received your payment notification. We will send out your item(s) on the next business day. Tracking number will be provided upon request.

Additional information

How do I know my order is processed?
An order confirmation email indicates that your order has been processed and confirmed by Lunavocy. If you do not receive any order confirmation email for your order, please send a follow-up email to us.

Will ordered item be out of stock or sold out?
Yes. Your ordered item might be unavailable upon request. All items are sold in a first come first served basis based on the sequence of incoming ordering emails. Lunavocy keeps limited stock only for each design in order to bring in more new lovely items and try to ensure exclusivity. Lunavocy will notify you if your ordered item is not available.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes you may cancel your order as long as payment has not been made. 
If payment has been made, please notify us the cancellation immediately as long as we have not shipped out your order. Otherwise, any cancellation will be not be entertained by us.

Will my order be voided if payment is not made?
You are advised to pay as soon as possible as our stock will be based on first paid first serve basis. Your requested item(s) will go to the next buyer if payment is late or not made.

Are purchased items refundable or exchangeable?
All sales are final. Sold items are not refundable or exchangeable. Lunavocy ensures all ordered items are in good condition and packs up in proper manner before items are delivered. Please read our Terms and Conditions


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