Egyptian Magic Cream Testimonials

“The People’s Choice”
We call Egyptian Magic “The People’s Choice” for a simple reason: It is!
Here is a sampling of the rave reviews we routinely get from the people whose opinions count the most, our loyal customers. They describe wonderful -- and sometimes truly "magical" -- results from using Egyptian Magic for general skin care, as a natural anti-wrinkle skin cream, and for treatment of rashes, scars, burns, eczema, abrasions and other problems.

Please take a moment to look at these testimonials from the U.S. and Europe, as well as these testimonials from Japan and the Far East. You will see that many, many people share in our belief in this magical cream. Peace.
Testimonials from the US & Europe

Dear Egyptian Magic,
From my heart I thank Lord Pharaoh for his truly magical Egyptian Magic. I am extremely choosy about what creams I use to nurture my skin 1) It must be the best quality and natural ingredients 2) It must have great energy as everything we take into our body especially through the skin enters our consciousness as well. This cream is called Magic and it is. I literally feel light coming from it and it creates so much softness in my skin it literally felt like an overnight miracle. When I first used it, my elbows were as soft as when I was a teenager. I recommend this cream to everyone who not only wishes to have beautiful skin on the outside but also from the inside where it counts.
Michele Blood
Metaphysical Best Selling author -
Dear Egyptian Magic,

I am a pediatrician in private practice in New York City and Kauai. One of my patients brought in her child with a history of eczema; she advised me that her practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, Rachel Koenig, of Brooklyn, New York, had recommended Egyptian Magic. This child's skin, weeks after using your product revealed none of its former patchy dryness or generalized "leatheriness."

I tried out the cream on my own hand: initially greasy, then less so, and finally within a period of fifteen minutes, minimally greasy with residual impactful penetration and softness, all with the lightest, noncloying, pleasing scent. I love that there are components in your preparation that are frankly emollient in quality, like the oil and the beeswax, and the more astringent royal jelly. Neatly constructed and neatly executed. Bravo!

Thanks again for your winning product.
All the best,
Mark Nesselson, M.D.

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I must tell you a great testimonial. My brother was diagnosed with cancer of the neck in August 2009 and was given a very grim prognosis for the type of cancer. He opted to take an "outside the box" approach and is now cancer free, but he has been dealing with the tumor/wound left behind. He was having dangerous spontaneous bleeding so it was ultimately decided that a short round of low dose radiation would help to cauterize the necrotic tissue in the tumor/wound. Meanwhile, he had been applying Egyptian Magic before, during and after the radiation treatments. Suffice it to say that the wound has improved dramatically and amazingly. Even his wound care specialist physician is amazed at the speed of his recovery. The difference has been the use of Egyptian Magic.

Martin H.
Columbia, SC

Dear Egyptian Magic,

Just a quick note to say thank you for a great product! This past winter my 4 year old son started getting rashes that were diagnosed as eczema. The dermatologist perscribed a corticosteroid cream, which worked, but I was uncomfortable about using steroids on him long term. His rash would clear up and then return every 2 weeks or so. Last week I discovered Egyptian Magic cream in a magazine ad and went to your web site. After reading your site I decided there was nothing in your product that would hurt my son, so I got a jar to try. It is definately working to clear up his rash and I feel like this is a product I can use on him long term without worrying about the types of side effects found with steroids. Thanks for a great product. I'm going to let his pediatrician know about Egyptian Magic too.

Warmest regards,
Meredith Ryan
San Diego

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I have been a faithful user of egyptian magic for almost 7 years. I discovered it in a health food store in the East Village of Manhattan, where I used to live. It has helped me keep my psoriasis under control when everything else I tried failed. The reason i am writing now is that i have been using egyptian magic on my 21-month-old daughter who has a bad case of eczema on her arm. Her doctor prescribed two different cortisone creams; neither worked. We saw a dermatologist who prescribed a third, and rather than go that route I have been using Egyptian Magic on her twice a day. I have seen a huge difference since we have started using it on a regular basis. The irritation and inchiness has subsided.
Thank you for keeping our skin feeling great. I am a true believer in your product and a faithful user.

Ali Kenner Brodsy

Egyptian Magic is that miracle cream you search for all your life and once you find it there's no turning back. I try a lot of products from lotions and creams to skin treatments and more (it's one of the great perks of the biz). However, so many “it” creams can be torture for the skin. When I tried Egyptian Magic, my skin was moisturized, glowing and blemish free. And, the best part, I can use it for multiple uses for my skin and it saves me time, money and space (when I travel)!
Melissa Maynard
Freelance Contributor Chicago Tribune's WomanNews Fashion/ Style

Egyptian Magic as Night & Eye Cream! WOW!

A few years ago I bought a tub of Egyptian Magic. I bought it mainly to have to put on cuts to help them heal faster and to also use as a lip balm. I haven't really used it much. Well the other day I ran out of my night eye cream and was looking at the tub of this stuff and tried it under my eyes. WOW! My eyes looked great the next morning. The next night I tried it all over my face. My skin looked amazing the next day. I was so hesitant to try this, as I have super oily skin, large pores, etc.

Egyptian Magic has just a few ingredients, olive oil, bee pollen and a few other ingredients that come from bees. It feels like a very heavy balm going on, but let me tell you. The next day my skin looked great and was in no way oily. I also have been putting it on my hands at night. This stuff is like a miracle in a jar. Amazing! Forget the CDLM, this stuff (which I have tried in the past) is 100% better IMO.

"Glamazon5" in The Beauty Buzz

Dear Egyptian Magic cream makers,

I just wanted to thank you for making this amazing cream. I have been suffering from inflammation from skin under my right eye for over two years now. This inflammation, redness, and swelling made my skin very sensitive to the sun and it was difficult for me to enjoy the wonderful weather of San Diego.

I started applying Egyptian Magic cream just about three days ago and the result I am seeing is amazing. The redness and swelling is gone and my skin is regenerating. This indeed is a miracle, now I can see myself > enjoying this summer without the pain and redness.
Thank you again,

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I've been travelling in South East Asia for the past few weeks and my hair was suffering from the humidity! It's very difficult hair and doesn't respond well to much so for most of my trip I sported the Frizzy Look. Thankfully I found someone one who looked as though they had my type of hair but it looked perfectly curly with no frizzies in sight. Upon asking this guy what he was using to combat the elements and maintain the Shirley Temple curls despite the 99% humidity, he pulled out a tub of Egyptian Magic Cream. It is fantastic stuff! Amazing and added to the enjoyment of my holiday. Anyhow I arrived back in London today and immediately got on line to find this stuff. Can't wait to have my own supply!
Kind regards,

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I am not usually one to write to a company about their product, but my experience with yours has been nothing short of amazing, "magical" if you will --lol!

I had been working for three weeks as a temporary employee for a large beauty care products company. The first week I was there, I went home with headaches everyday from the smell of the products that were also manufactured on the same site. I told my temp agency I wasn't sure if I would be able to stay, but we decided to give it another week. The following week wasn't as bad smell-wise, but by the end of the week I had developed a red, bumpy rash on one side of my face and neck. It cleared up somewhat when I went home, but came back when I was at the site.

The following week I happened to be in the lab where some of the products were being tested, and I broke out into a very bad rash on my face, neck and chest. At that point I decided that I couldn't work there anymore, and left the company. But the rash still lingered even after I left, and no matter what I put on it, it would not clear up. Some things helped a little, but nothing really worked.

Then yesterday I was desperate because it still wasn't going away and I looked horrible and needed to interview for a new job. I went to the health food store and found Egyptian Magic. I wasn't expecting too much, but I figured my next stop was a doctor of some sort so I'd give it a shot. Almost immediately upon putting it on, my rash started to clear up--I was shocked!

Now, one day later, it is almost completely gone and I can actually go out and not be self-conscious of my face. I expect that it will clear up totally within the next day or so, and I just had to write and say thank you! I will be telling everyone I know about your excellent product!

[Three weeks later Renee sent us this follow-up note.]

Your product is amazing--my skin, which was always very clear before this rash, is actually starting to look even better than before.
Thanks again!
Renee Duff


I had been going to a dermotologist here in Salvador for a scalp condition. I also had a rash on my left calf. She thought it could be psoriasis or eczema and gave me some creams. This was about eight months ago. Neither one worked very well. Just enough to make it a little better. I had avoided putting EM on that spot thinking it might get in the way of the med. cream. Then on one of your emails I saw that people had used EM on conditions like this. So, I stopped the med stuff and made sure i kept EM on it. I saw a change in one day and now after about weeks the rash is gone. This after persistently bothering me for months! For years my alltime favorite product was RainX. Now it is Egyptian Magic for sure.


My name is Cristina, I'm 22 years old and was born with a severe genetic skin disorder called Epidermolysis Bullosa, or EB for short. EB causes my skin to be so fragile that slight friction causes large blisters and open wounds to develop all over my body, even internally. Blisters also appear spontaneously. A mother of a child I know with EB told me about your product and said it helped heal a large unhealing wound on her sons arm. I decided to give it a try and must say was surprised and so happy with the results I've been having. While I know you can make no medical claims I still believe this product is so wonderful and wish I had known about it much earlier.

I started by using the Egyptian Magic on the sores I get that are ulcerated and extremely sensitive and painful to touch. Those types of wounds often take several years to heal but with your product it heals them within a few weeks at most. I was only using it on those areas and kept using my antibiotic ointments on the rest of my wounds until I read a book called "Natural Cures, They Don't Want You to Know About." This book suggested only putting things on your skin you would consider edible because whatever is absorbed into your skin goes into your blood stream.

I had never thought about it that way before and have since started using only natural products on my skin. My wounds are healing faster and the healed skin is staying healed for longer periods of time which makes this painful disease a little bit more bearable.
Thank you again for this product,

Thank you! I have had skin problems since I was a teenager and although its not nearly as bad in my adulthood as it was then, I had accepted that I would have to live with acne scars and breakouts for the rest of my life. Nonetheless, I continually try different soaps, face washes, masks, etc., in hopes that I will eventually find something that works. It was by chance that my "cure" would be Egyptian Magic. My mother's hairdresser passed it to her and she passed it to me for my minor scrapes and skin irritations. It wasn't until I was out of my usual skin cream and needed something right then to use, all I had was Egyptian Magic, so I hesitantly used it expecting it to clog my pores or break me out. The next morning I woke up and glanced in the mirror and just couldn't believe what I saw! The red scar marks on my face had diminished and just the overall quality of my skin looked better than it ever had! I want to thank you again and again for what I have deemed, "my miracle cream!"
Customer for life,
Cassandra Lovering Holmes
Atlanta, Georgia

For years, I've had terrible eczema outbreaks around my eyes. Dermatologists recommended using cortisone creams sparingly, and I've also received cortisone shots. But, of course, the side effects of cortisone creams and injections are many. During a recent outbreak, my beautician gave me a sample of Egyptian Magic skin cream after seeing how dry, flaky and painful my eyelids were. After one day, the inflammation decreased significantly, and within three days, the eczema around my eyes had completely disappeared. I now use Egyptian Magic for all of my eczema outbreaks, as well as for dry hands and feet, for chapped lips, as a hair balm, and even for dry spots on my toddler's skin. It's such a relief to have found something that works so well and is all natural, leaving no side-effects.
Los Angeles, CA

I stumbled across your website and decided to go to my local health store and buy a jar of your cream. Skeptical as always, but I figured it was worth a try. Well, you have a loyal customer for life! It has made the skin on my face and hands feel amazingly soft and has even healed those nasty little red veins that were starting to show up on my cheeks!! I use it every day to remove my make-up, I use it on my eyes as a night-time eye balm (yes, those little crows feet are less noticeable) and I even used it on a mosquito bite to stop the itching! The next morning, no mosquito redness and no itching! It's amazing! I am telling everyone about it. Even my fiancé loves it! I used it on a blister he had and he said it helped the pain and swelling. I'm buying a jar and sending it to my mom in Australia.
Thank you for a fabulous product!
Kim Schmidt


My name is Deb Pittack, and I had the pleasure of trying your wonderful skin cream. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and am seriously thinking about becoming a distributor [of Egyptian Magic] for the cancer community I am involved in. Would it be possible to get a few samples for me to take to the hospital with me and pass out? I know these people are suffering the same as I am with the chemo and radiation rash — not counting the dry lips and sore spots. Your product is amazing and truly a miracle.


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I saw Egyptian Magic on the View, and I got it. I figured I had nothing to lose about my acne and my scars from acne. To tell you the truth I hated to step outside without wearing several layers of makeup. I was embarrassed to work out because my makeup would sweat off and my scars would be revealed. After using your product for nearly 3 months, the appearance of my scars are barely there. I have tried everything from dermabrasion to mederma nothing worked. Your product has made my once really red dark scars into light pink spots on my skin. I have only used half the bottle, imagine when I finish the bottle. I am absolutely amazed, I don't have to wear makeup if I don't want to and my confidence is so much higher. I tell everyone about your product, I am not shy to say Egyptian Magic worked wonders for me... I thank you sooo much...
Haley Daughrity
Concord, CA

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I just had to write! I first used your product about 10 years ago when I was on vacation and got an extremely serious case of poison ivy. I went to a health food store and the woman there highly recommended your product. It was as magical as the name implies. When we came back from vacation I placed the jar in the bathroom closet and it got overlooked for a few years. While cleaning up I ran across it and used it on a burn I had. I thought I was going to be scarred from the way it wasn't healing but once I put your Cream on it you can't even tell I was burnt. I now never have the jar out of my sight. I've just ordered my 3rd jar of Egyptian Magic.

I've used it on everything from Poison Ivy to Split Ends. My husband has had a condition on the soles of his feet that nothing would clear up. We've tried everything over the counter and even prescriptions but nothing would clear it up. Well, nothing until I finally convinced him to use my Egyptian Magic. He kept saying "How can it help my feet if you're putting it on your hair?" I'm having to order a separate jar just for me now. Just a few things I've used it on include: dry cuticles, night facial Cream, burns, cuts, bug bites, once-a-week dry heel overnight treatments, hair conditioner, dry chapped lips, sore red noses during allergy season...the list goes on and on. I love the way you only need a little bit and the jar seems to last forever. Keep up the good work!!!
Betty in New Orleans

Dear Egyptian Magic,

Thank you for sending me the Egyptian Magic and putting me on your web-site. I am really impressed with your product. And my patients are seeing miracles with it.....a remarkable healing with a dog bite on the upper lip and another with chemical burns on her face.
I send you my best,
Dr. Eleanor DeVinny

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I met you at Asilomar. I hope you are doing well. Thank you for the sample of Egyptian Magic. It is pure magic. I get fever sores occasionally, especially if I'm drinking too much coffee and not getting enough sleep. I found that if I put it on the spot that I feel a fever sore starting...magic...the next morning it is all gone.
Thanks again! I'm completely hooked.
Love, Camille

Dear Egyptian Magic,

Well, my jar (of Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Care Cream) arrived yesterday. Little did I know I would definitely need it sooner than not. I was cooking and had placed my frying pan in a heated oven of 425. I did take it out with a potholder, but then when I removed its contents, I touch, or should I say held onto the handle of the pan!!! Oh, my! My hand felt like it was on fire and looked so red. I remembered receiving the cream in the morning, so without hesitation, I ran upstairs and applied the balm. It melted immediately into my hand. It continued to burn for a while. I kept putting on the balm. In the morning, my hand was just red. I didn't have blisters or any pain. In fact I could now move my fingers. I guess I will have to order a few more jars!!! You never know when you will need it.
Thank you so very much.
Susan Stein

Dear Makers of Egyptian Magic,

This is truly the best skin cream I have ever had. It goes with me everywhere, and stays beside my bed when at home. Thank you for such an amazing product. I feel the love!
Susan Warner

Peace and Blessings,

As a avid swimmer, who's tested two of the planet earth's ocean bodies and many of it's sea's, lakes and city pools, I've found that the continued usage of Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Care Cream has made a world (uh, hum) of difference in the catastrophes that go along with swimming. From dry skin to chafing. Fungal challenges are defeated in many cases. And recently, while in Bahia, Brazil, I had a unexpected meeting with a host of rocks in the Bay. In the midst of swirling tide, I found myself unavoidably bouncing against coastal formidability. Overnight, as it was noted by friends, the lacerations suffered along most of one side of my body showed dramatic improvement. I did what I knew would work. I applied the wonderful Egyptian Magic love treatment. It does everything, but fail.
Peace and Blessings,
Brother Phillip, CHP

I am hooked on Egyptian Magic! I found it at Vitamin Cottage in Colorado and love it. It helped with my daughters diaper rash when even a doctors prescription wouldn't! I would like to sell Egyptian Magic on my website I am starting a cloth diaper company focusing on organic cotton and hemp products and would love to tell my customers how wonderful Egyptian Magic works on diaper rashes! Please let me know if Egyptian Magic is available for resell. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
Heather Ruch
Diapers and Wipers


I sent an email to you several months ago because I got a terrible case of poison ivy and was left with unsightly marks all over my arms. The marks were so dark that I had to wear long sleeves all the time and wasn't sure what to do about it. I was at a Co-op on Grubb Road and a woman there suggested your product to me. I was thinking of trying it in conjunction with a bleaching crème. I emailed you and told you of the problem I was having and you suggested that I use your skin cream alone.

Well, after only a few weeks, my arms were completely back to normal. I am amazed. I am also super grateful and now that I am beginning to use it on my husband's scalp (he has terrible dry skin/eczema), I thought to contact you once again just to say thanks. I can't tell you what a relief it has been to me. I am sure that I will be using it again and again. Your work is appreciated!
Happy customer

Dear Egyptian Magic,

I actually bought a jar to use on my horse's wounds after she was injured. Her skin healed so beautifully and so I kept the jar in my medic bag. Only recently, my husband suggested using Egyptian Magic on my face since I've begun breaking out with acne. I thought I would break out more, but instead, my face looks great! It's only been four days, and I still have acne, but I can see the dramatic changes already.
Thanks so much,

Hi Egyptian "Magicians",

I recently purchased two jars of your skin cream, being a lover of all natural products. It has pushed my jar of $150.00 face cream to the back of my medicine cabinet. I use it to remove my eye makeup, fix my cracked (skin on my) feet, protect my skin after morning and evening cleansings, soften my daughter's chapped lips, remove tangles from her hair, and cure my dish-washing hands of their tiny cuts. I absolutely love it, and will soon buy another jar to keep at my office. In fact, I may just buy a jar for everyone on my Christmas list next year. Thank you for your product, and keep up the good work!

Hi Egyptian Magic,

Last week a friend was kind enough to offer me a sample of Egyptian Magic. I used it to pleasing effect on my feet that evening and as I read the ingredients it occurred to me that it might be perfect for attempting to rub the scratches out that my 1914 Ellington upright grand piano suffered in her last move. I've got to tell you I got more than a little carried away after seeing how well it worked and the piano now looks better than I've ever seen it. It not only cleaned and removed scratches from the surface but also gave the tiger mahogany a beautiful deep lustre. I thought you might like to know of another fine use for your great product. My feet are also doing well.

Hello Egyptian Magic,

I originally found out about Egyptian Magic a few year ago from Ananda Zaren, a homeopath in Santa Barbara. I LOVE your product and have shared it with many people over the years... we use it on a regular basis in our house, (even our pets) it is great for skin care, wonderful for burns.. actually amazing for burns. A woman I met had a terrible burn on her foot and had been in severe pain for quite a long time... I gave her a jar of Egyptian Magic and immediately after applying it her pain decreased and over a few months the skin was healed and almost back to normal (the doctors said it would be a year of so until she would see an improvement).

I am sending a few jars to some nice people in Bolivia. When I was there last year filming a documentary, we stayed at this lovely inn, we were all cooking dinner together one night when both the owner of the inn, and myself, burnt ourselves on the oven door... I am so glad I was prepared and had brought some "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" with me on the expedition in my emergency medicine kit. It immediately took the sting away and as bad as the burn was, by the next day seemed ever so slight.

Actually there were several times myself and my crew used it... it was great for bug bites... cuts, which we all had many of since we were climbing and trekking all over Bolivia, and dry chapped skin from the wind... I guess what I am trying to say is you have a really great and amazing product...

Dear Friends at Egyptian Magic, Inc.,

One of the privileges of being a senior citizen living in a Retirement Village is the prerogative of being as cynical as the occasion demands. Before studying your website, I was fully convinced that at age 75 one must be satisfied with the status quo. However, I ordered one jar of Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream on a whim, dipped into it, and within a very few days actually found that the multiple sun/age spots on my hands had started to fade! A painful laceration on my arm healed in a very short time and is now invisible. The soles of my feet are soft and smooth. And, to add to the list, the skin on my face seems to have stepped back in time--a short while, to be sure, but my lip wrinkles are definitely more relaxed. Now, I am a believer.

Please remember that I have only used the product for two weeks and am already recommending the cream to my many friends and neighbors here at Lasell Village. They are eager to have similar results or in keeping with their individual needs. I will experiment further as one season goes into another and my requirements change.

Thank you for bringing amazement into my life. Who knows what magic awaits me in the future?
Sincerely yours,
Jeanne Rudnick

Dear Egyptian Magic,

Being a fair and redheaded person my skin is always suffering from one problem or another. I had seen your product in my health food store months ago but never purchased a jar. Recently when again having skin problems and a deep burn on my hand from the kitchen I was in the same store. The night before I had been watching a TV special on ancient Egypt. Magically, I found myself in front of your product again and feeling as though the Gods and Goddesses had put me there I purchased the product. The results have been magical too! My skin rashes have disappeared, my burn has healed very fast, and the product has done wonders for my hair as a conditioner, and is first rate in all of it's many applications. Thank you for such a dynamic product in one jar!
Sincerely, Sharon M. Gorman

I am writing to you about my son Jodaniel, who was born with Atopic Dermatitis (eczema) and has been in and out of hospitals since he was 3 months old. When he was 11 years old, the medication the doctors had been giving him (steroids, cortisone, erythromycin, etc.) had started to destroy his liver and kidneys. At this point, we decided to try a more natural route with herbs and vitamins. Because his skin was constantly splitting and cracking, we first tried Flaxseed oil, but this did not help his skin. We were told about "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" and given a sample which we tried on his hand. After ascertaining that Jodaniel was not allergic to it, we have continued to use a jar a day to cover his entire body. Jodaniel can now walk outside without his skin separating, by maintaining the moisture level in his epidermis. Thank you for providing my son with a reduction in the amount of pain he suffers from his disease.
Sincerely, Elaine J. Duran

Having used Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream for the first time and having such rewarding results in a short time, I felt compelled to write and thank you. Exactly five days ago I went to my dermatologist to have a number of pre-cancerous spots removed from my face by cryosurgery. This leaves spots on your face very similar to burn spots, which the doctor told me would heal in several weeks. However, I have used Egyptian Magic on my face since the surgery and can honestly say that all the spots have disappeared in only five days. I now plan to use it daily on my arms and face to insure that I will not have to return to the dermatologist.
Respectfully, Bryant Rogers

I am writing at the insistence of my four-year old daughter Tedi, she wants you to know that her "jar" is almost empty and she needs another one. Tedi uses her "jar" daily; after a bath she grabs her "jar", for chapped lips in winter, she grabs her "jar", at hair combing time, she hands me her "jar", and just yesterday when she came in with a cut finger instead of the peroxide and Mickey Mouse band-aids she just stuck her finger in her "jar", twisted it around and then went outside to play again. Another time, with a runny nose Tedi had developed a very sore red rash above her lip. No amount of pleading from me would convince her to put on the Caladril I had purchased; but she would put on her Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream with a generous dab, and in a few days the rash was gone. Needless to say we adults, although slow on the uptake, have finally understood the wonders Egyptian Magic can perform in many different ways.
Sincerely yours, Mrs. Brenda Rollins (Tedi's Mom)

I love your healing cream. I'm totally convinced it's the greatest thing since sex. I use two 4 oz. jars a week and I was thinking, "I would love to push this stuff for a living." Is there a way I could become a distributor? Is there a way I can get it in larger jars? Can I buy direct in large quantities?
Seriously, M.J.A.

Your cream was given to me from Swami Bhavananda Giri of the Yogoda Satsanga Society of India in Ranchi during a tour, where I also looked for some healing products for my skin disease. The Swami gave me your product and it has worked really wonderfully, but now it is quite empty and I'd like to order "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream " from a distributor here in Austria. If that is not possible could I order it directly from you, the manufacturer? I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
Andreas Kysela

Testimonials from Japan

I had two burn injuries, which were completely healed within three days after I applied the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". I still cannot believe it and think of it as a miracle. I now understand what the word "Magic" means!
Female, 40, Ibuta

I have been going through radiation therapy for my cancer treatment. After each treatment, the treated areas are burn and very painful for one and a half-month. However, with the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream", they were healed completely after three days and returned to the normal skins. I am very grateful with my doctor who introduced this magic cream!
Male, 60, Ibuta

I sharply cut my finger with a knife. The wound was wide open, and I knew that I had to stitch up the wound at a hospital. Without hesitation, I put a lot of the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" without disinfect and covered with a clean bandage. I removed the bandage two days later. To my astonishment, the cut was closed and healed miraculously! What a cream it is!
Female, 23, Osaka

*The above three testimonies are given by a surgeon who recommends to put the cream in a place you want to treat in a large quantity.

I purchased the expensive skincare products developed with nano-techonology. Around the same time, a friend of mine recommended the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". To be honest, I rejected using the cream because it was so greasy. But my friend insisted to try since her skin got so vibrant. I was dubious but decided to give it a try. I put a small amount first, but it seemed to penetrate into skin well, so I put a lot before going into bed. In the next morning, my skin was so moist to my surprise.

I quit using the expensive line of skincare products and only use the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". My husband who has not made any remarks on my skin said, "you have a beautiful skin these days!" I really can tell the difference. I put the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" all over my body. Thank you, Egyptian Magic!!!
Female, 69, Nerima

I have a dry skin, and one particular spot on my leg was very dry. I tried many different creams, but I was so shocked when I tried "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". It is completely healed, and you cannot tell the difference with other part of my leg.
Female, 50, Meguro

I stay one-third of the year in Hawaii where I have a second house. I love living there, but my concern was that my hair gets very dry. I was introduced with the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". My instinct told me that it must be good for the hair too. So after shampooing my hair, I put the cream. After a few days, it got really better. I have never met any effective cream like this before.
Female, 53, Fujisawa

My skin on the arm got inflammation, which got swollen and red. I went to see a dermatologist and was prescribed with a cream. However, it did not get better at all and tried the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". By the next morning, it got better and swelling and redness were gone. After three days, it completely healed. I came to powerful realization, "this is truly all purpose cream!"
Male, 74, Setagaya

I used to have a face full of acne when I was young. I am 40 years old and have an oily skin besides having a bumpy skin because of the breakout. I was recommended with the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" but didn't expect much since the cream was greasy. To my surprise, however, I have a great skin condition after applying it overnight. After a while, the skin surface got smooth. In my entire 40 years, I have the most beautiful skin now. I am very glad and appreciate it very much.
Male, 40, Setagaya

A couple of flecks got obvious considering my old age. I was not paying attention to them much, but my wife said they were getting apparent. I was introduced to the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream", and put it on the spots saying, "disappear, disappear…." After a month, they are fading away. I am very impressed.
Male, 60, Chiba

I had two major wrinkles on my forehead. No cosmetic product helped improve the situation. With the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream", those wrinkles started fading away, and people tell me that I got younger these days. Thank you!
Female, 57, Yokohama

I was bitten by a black-fly. I was concerned very much, then I was recommended with the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream". Within one day, the itchiness and pain got better.
Female, 54, Kanagawa

I have an atopic eczema, and when I make a fist, it started bleeding. It did not get any better with any creams. However, with "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream", the skin has improved tremendously and is smooth by now. This is the first time, and I am so grateful. I look for another jar soon.
Female, 23, Okinawa

My lip is very rough and dry. Any type of lipsticks make my lip swollen. With the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream", my lip got better at once. I now put the cream first and apply a lipstick, which prevents it from getting swollen. I am so happy.
Female, 20, Nagoya

I got a rash in a large area under a knee on my leg. When I touch, it gave me a pain, and I was diagnosed with erythema nodosum. The prescribed medicine did not help. Eventually, it was completely healed with the "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" after a few days.
Female, 65, Setagaya

I had a severe mouth inflammation. I usually apply propolis but could not do it this time because it was too painful. The "Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Healing Skin Cream" had all natural ingredients, so I gave it a try. I added a few drop of propolis into the cream. It got healed within one day.
Male, 38, Hiyoshima

I had small warts on my neck. After three or four days, they were gone.
Male, 42, Nishimiya

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