Are you a Beauty Blogger

 Do you have passion in beauty?

Here at Lunavocy, we wanna know what you like, what you’re buying, and what you think is particularly awesome! So, if you’re interested in showing us via your blog, we may have a sweet opportunity for you :)

Send an email to to tell us a bit about yourself and your online beauty life.
  1.     Are you a dedicated Tweeter, Pinterest, Instagram Facebook fanatic, makeupbee?
  2.     Do you have your own beauty blog or YouTube channel?
  3.     Give us the rundown and make sure to include links!
Get approved, get the goods
If you're approved, we'll send you a little gift, maybe some Lunavocy credit. Everyone will start as a Level 1 blogger, but worry not. There’s lots of room to grow.
  •     Level 1: Receive RM20+ credit each month
  •     Level 2: Receive RM40+ credit each month
  •     Level 3: Receive RM60+ credit each month
Apply, write, film, shoot & share
Share Lunavocy-inspired posts across the World Wide Web.
  1.     Tell your followers what Lunavocy is, and how we work
  2.     Show fellow shopping enthusiasts how you’d wear an item
  3.     Take photos of yourself or your muses applying our goods
  4.     Write up a product review including items from our blogshop
  5.     Shoot a quick video of a product review or a look you’ve put together
Post on your blog, YouTube channel, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or on other beauty sites like Makeupbee making sure to include at least one link to Lunavocy.

Earn credit, get more goods!
Each time you post about Lunavocy, email us the link to the post. We may want to share it across our social media channels! It also allows us to track your progress in the program, and helps us decide when to bump you up a level. Oh, and at the end of each month, we’ll send you some credit so you can get your shop on!

** Currently, we are only accepting bloggers located in Malaysia only.

** Credit earned will not be based in any way on the amount of traffic or sales a blogger drives to


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