Egyptian Magic Cream Trial Pack

Egyptian Magic Cream Trial Pack
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20ml - RM43
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Been used by celebrities there, may refer to their official website:
  1. It's an all purpose cream that has over 40 uses:
  2. eczema and psoriasistreatment
  3. skin moisturiser and beauty cream
  4. make up remover
  5. cuts and scrapes
  6. lip balm to moisturizer
  7. breakouts and pimples
  8. blisters and burns
  9. diaper and skin rash
  10. chicken pox and stretch marks
  11. scars
  12. athlete's foot
  13. sunburn
  14. insect bites
  15. cold sores
  16. chapped lips
  17. massage oil and massage lotion
  18. natural hair conditioner
  19. leg and facial hair
  20. shaving cream
  21. dry and itchy scalp
  22. vaginal moisturizer
  23. aromatherapy and clear up foot odor
  24. hot oil treatment... and much, much more!
The ingredients are:

Olive Oil: Well for its uses as a natural eczema remedy. It’s easily absorbed by the skin to help moisturize and soften dry/irritated eczema skin. It also contains vitamin E.

Beeswax: emollient and locks in moisture. It creates a protective coat over the skin that protects it from irritants and the environment. It softens the skin and contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Honey: Also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Bee Pollen: provides relief for skin disorders and improves skin appearance.

Royal Jelly: This substance is produced to feed the queen bee. It contains vitamins B5 & B6 as well as vitamins A, C, D and E as well as containing anti-aging properties.

Bee Propolis: Contains antibiotic properties and is commonly used to heal cuts and other skin irritations.

Preservative and fragrance free!!!

Direction to use
Normal usage
1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2. Follow by toner.
3. Take out around (1-2 drop size of 20cents), using your finger and palm to gently rub the balm and apply onto your desired area (face area).
4. Slowly massage and dap into your skin. It will absorb less than 5 seconds.
5. Use for day and night.
** usage varies from individual.
** dry skin users can apply more of em cream.
** oily skin and/or combination skin also recommended to use with appropriate amount.
** for scar healing users, please dap appropriate amount on the scar area follow with gentle massage to absorb and heal the scar faster.

Whitening method
* this is a whitening massage and mask method.
1. Cleanse your face thoroughly.
2. Follow by toner and wait after 2 min start the whitening method step.
3. Apply around 50 cents coin size all over the face and neck area.
4. gently massage the whole face with your finger and palm. If you want to lighten your acne scar may spend more time to massage on specify area.
5. After massage, use a warm temperature wet cloth facial towel to cover the whole face for 5 mins.
6. Discard the wet towel and cleanse away the excessive cream on the face.

Make up base method
** This method is raved by Hollywood make up artist Gucci Westman.
** Apply thin layer of EM Cream all over the face before putting foundation.
** You will find your make up able to last whole day long.

Body massage method
** EM Cream can replace any of your body base oil to do body massage.
** Mixed with your desired favor aroma oil with EM Cream for body massage will improve your skin elasticity, firming and toning as well.

** Apply hair end of hair wash. Able to repair split end, moisture hair end, repair damaged hair

Shaving method
** Apply before shaving will help in reducing the sensitiveness and redness after shaved.
** Apply after shaving to protect the fragile shaved area.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there, 3ml is how much in grams?
postage included right?

Lunavocy said...

Hi there,

We couldn't really answer your question, however if convert ml to oz, 3ml equals to 0.10oz.
Hope the above clarifies :)

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