Curl Hair Without Heat


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Product Info:
No more heat and no more damage hair with Magic Heatless Curler. It is easy to create soft and wavy curls in just overnight. Simply apply them on dry or dampened hair and go to sleep. Next morning you’ll wake up with beautiful waves or curls.
  • Brand new
  • Reusable which can be used many times
  • Available in two sizes which are extra large (M) and extra long (L)
  • High quality material
  • It is soft which you can sleep with it
Size available:
Medium : diameter 1.5″ x unstrected lenght 6″ x 18pcs + 1pc curling wand
Large : diameter 0.75″ x unstrected lenght 8″ x 10pcs + 1pc curling wand

Item name: Magic Heatless Curlers

Size: M or L



Additional product pictures:

Video on how to use heatles curlers:


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