Angled Eyebrow Pencil


Item name: Fairy Eyebrow Pencil
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What it is:
A long lasting eyebrow pencil with a unique angle tip for ultra-precise definition to create natural-looking and beautiful brows.

What it does:
The Fairy Eyebrow Pencil lets you define and get well-groomed brows that can last long. This long-wearing formula won’t smudge or fade, leaving brows looking fresh and polished.

The slant tip offers the ultimate customized and versatile application—simply use the flat edge to create a softer look and the pointed tip for a more defined, bolder look.

How to use it?
- Use the flat side of the pencil to shape the beginning of the brow
- Use the pointed tip to define the edges of the brow.
- For a bold, super-defined look, use the pointed tip to define the length of the brow.
- Comb brow hairs into place to get natural finish

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