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Item name: Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk
RM39 RM19
Availability: out of stock
4 colors in 1 set
Product details:
Hot Huez Hair Chalk is the hot new hair craze that allows you to change your hair color instantly without having to commit to it being a permanent hair dye. It is fast, easy and washes right out with your shampoo.

• Includes 4 Chalk Compacts: Hot Pink, Electric Blue, Fiery Fuschia & Neon Green
• Brand New in retail box
• Fast and easy
• No mess, dyes or sprays
• Perfect for any occasion
• Works on all hair types

How to use:
Just press, slide and color. wash out with shampoo to remove

Tips to use effectively:
  1. damp hair before use and hold horizontally
  2. color face outward and sponge face inward, press and pull to the ends. 
  3. Hairspray after done to seal the colors or use curling iron.
  4. squeeze harder for deeper colors.
  5. The colors are bright and are better after hairspray is added.
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