Shop for Irregular Hem Clothing Malaysia

Find latest irregular hem or asymmetrical clothing at Lunavocy Fashion at fordable prices. They offer irregular hem style from midi dress, cardigan, mini dress, jacket to skirt. Just hop over to our webshop and find your favorite clothing.
Irregular Hem midi dress 1Irregular Hem midi dress 2 | Irregular Hem midi dress 3

Floral Printed Irregular Cardigan 1Printed Irregular Cardigan 2Printed Irregular Cardigan 3

Plain Irregular Cardigan 1Plain Irregular Cardigan 2Plain Irregular Cardigan 3

Irregular Hem sweater | Irregular Hem Midi Dress | Irregular Hem Maxi Skirt

Irregular Hem Chiffon Mini Dress | Irregular Hem Long Sleeve Top | Irregular Hem Long Jacket

For more irregular hem or asymmetrical fashion clothing, click below to shop. Happy shopping Lunavocies!


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