Premium Makeup Brush Kit


Item name: 10pcs Premium makeup brush kit
RM99 RM35
Availability: ready stock
Choose your color: Pink, Black or Blue
Product details:
Premium makeup brush kit has synthetic bristles, which were created to perfectly apply powder, cream and liquid products onto the skin without trapping or absorption of product. Easy to clean and maintain.

The brushes are soft, dense and silky to the touch with handles for comfortable fit and easy handling.

Perfect as a gift idea for any girl, women or mom.

Provides a high definition and flawless look.

Premium makeup brush kit contains:-

  • flat buffing brush
  • round buffing brush
  • angled buffing brush
  • flat angled buffing brush
  • tapered buffing brush
  • 5 detailer brushes that are shaped like the buffing brushes for a more precise application.

Additional product pictures:


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