Breast Enlargement Massager


Item name: Breast Massager
Availability: ready stock

Product details:
Breast Massager to increases your bust size and make your breasts look more beautiful:-
  • It comes with bra that is very easy to wear and use in daily life. 
  • It give smooth vibrations to breast and make the tissues relax from the fatigue and then help them regenerate.
  • It is a safe and effective way to enlarge your breast rather than taking pills or do surgery.
  • It is a lightweight, easily fitted in bra and very comfortable bra underwire covetable bra.
  • It has no side effects and contains no adhesive.
  • Easy to use and carry while on the go
  • Softens epidermis of breasts get smooth and tender skin
  • Makes breast firm and provides good cup shape
  • Stimulates good blood circulation and keeps the tissues healthy

How it works:
Breast Massager gives regular massage to your breasts to stimulate tissues of breast cells. It has both vibration and magnetic effects to activate the regeneration of breast tissues.

How to use:
Simply slip-on like ordinary bra. You have to use it 15 minutes a day after which is stops automatically. 

Specification & Features
Dimensions:34 in x 5.68 in x 2.46 in
Shipping Weight: 670 g
Input Voltage – 3V DC
Curren converter included


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