Face Shaping Belt


Item name: Face Shaping Belt
Availability: ready stock

Product details:
100% brand new and high quality
Ultra thin, stretchy, breathable, anti-bacteria, radiation proof, comfortable, and safe
Breathable, comfortable
Adjustable with buttons
Anti-slip natural rubber for scalp
Size length: 70cm
Material : Medical Silicon (High Quality)
Colour : Pink

Why we love this Face Shaping Belt?
Lifting up and firming the shape of your face
promote facial blood circulation
Burn up extra fat on the face
To get V-shaped face
Defenses against the visible sign of aging, such as fine lines & wrinkles
Re-shaping your face contour
Get rid of your double chin
Helps burn the excessive fat while sleeping
Can be worn while you sleep or while you relax at home or do the housework
Can be used by women and men
Tighten a sagging chin, your lower face and cheeks
You only need at least 10 minutes daily to get slim face

How it works?
The face shaping belt traps the heat after minimum 10 minutes usage and our face produces sweat. As we all know, heat and sweat makes things smaller.

How to use it?
It stretches all over your head, with holes to slip around your ears
Suggest use with facial firming cream, the effect will be better
Use with baby oil, creams or lotions for better comfort and results

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