Face Slimming Mask Tourmaline


Item name: Tourmaline Face Mask
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Product details:
Hot selling face slimming mask

How it works:

  • Magnet - Magnet can make physiological tissue cells, the biochemical process changes, pain swelling, promote blood circulation
  • tourmaline - Power Stone is a not only with the magnetic field, and charged the field. Natural tourmaline composite crystal can release negative ions, with a strong ability to penetrate
  • Gel - Super moisturizing function

Suitable to use for:

  • relax facial spasm, calm the mind, relieve pain
  • increase collagen elasticity, soften facial tissues
  • improve skin texture, remove dark spot, eye bag, black eye circle
  • eliminate crow’s feet, flatten the wrinkles, remove acne
  • increase oxygen supply, keep your skin young and glowing
  • relieve headache, migraine, improve sleeping quality

Using different methods bring different effect:

1.Cooling treatment
 After refrigerate mask, wearing on the face, can tighten skin, eliminate edema.

2. Functional Therapy
 20 minutes before getting up to wear, wearing 20 minutes lunch break, wearing the night
 20 minutes, should be used for more than 20 days per month.
(Note: Do not use more than 30 minutes each time)  

3. Beauty composite therapy
 Selection effect good cosmetic wrinkle essence or cream, before use applied to the face mask
 of penetration feature allows better absorption of nutrients.

4. heat therapy
The mask in warm water, gentle heating, remove the worn face can eliminate bacteria, whitening skin.

5. Dual-care therapy
Work and study when you can put on a mask, you can radiation, relieve fatigue, working time
 to achieve the dual effect of health care and treatment.

Using Instructions:

  • To use your mask, remove any makeup. 
  • Place the mask over your face and attach the Velcro straps at the back of the head. Press lightly on the mask to move the liquid inner core to accomplish a custom fit for your face. 
  • Wear your mask approximately three to four hours a day, or while sleeping through the night. You should see results in three to four weeks! 
  • Do not allow any alcohol based products, such as denatured alcohol, makeup and facial creams, to come in contact with the mask. 
  • Be certain to rinse the surface thoroughly prior to use. 
  • Do not freeze or place in the microwave. 
  • To prevent drying, store mask in a plastic bag while not in use.
  • It is recommended to use as often as possible with a minimum of 30 minutes per day for maximum benefit

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