Pro Makeup 183 colors


Item name: Pro Makeup 183 Colors
Availability: instock

Product details:
183 Colours Eyeshadow + Blush Bronze & Powder 3 in 1 Highlight Makeup Palette
168 colors eyeshadow + 6 Blusher colors blush bronze + 9 Full Coverage Makeup Powder
This palette becomes total Highlight 3 in 1 Functions as Makeup Kit

You have eyeshadow, bronzes, blush, eyeliners, and shimmer highlighters in one palette. It comes in an elegant case which suitable for party or daily use.

It has high quality silky shine colours and nourish ingredients together able to care eye skin around. You will feel light and soft, easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.

Highlights 3 in 1 Makeup Kit
Bronze Blusher& Coverage Powder
Silky Shine Pigmented Colour
Nourish skincare care ingredient
For home and professional use

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